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Christina x part 1
Fred and G do their usual messing around with a new business  venture while dirty old milf Christina X gets a good banging in their  studio bedroom.The old fuckers are the best,so who is next to fuck an  old lady on granny fuck?
Outakes Bonus 2
Lots of laughs from the latest film,as Fred and G balls up  almost everything once again.Dont watch if you dont want to see two  old gits making complete arseholes of themselves!
Tina x
Freddie gets to shag the arse off this hot mature lady.A real  MILF,and you can see how much she loves getting a big cock.Fred fucks  her in every position before spunking right across her face.
BIG BIG granny gets a good boning from G.This is a very big old  girl,and G almost loses his body in her!G knobs the big bitch  senseless and spunks on those enormous jugs.
   After a lot of messing around at their new health farm Fred  and G meet up with hot MILF Abbey.G gets to fuck the old bird,and what  a scene!See this hot granny get a good nailing from dirty old G who  gets this grandma all a quiver
Jane Damian 2
 Damian gets to finish off this sexy old MILF.He fucks  the old tart in every position,and the old girls arthritis will be  playing up after this!A granny needs a good fucking every day to keep  her bits moving according to our resident physician!
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