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Tina part 1
What a sex starved old granny little TRina is.As you know,G is  always ready to makle an old lady sore where she least expected to be  sore again!Lack of cock up her cobwebbed old cunt almost brings her to  climax every time G thrusts his cock up the pensioners retired old  pussy.
Sadie part 1
This is another big old granny new to our site.There's plenty of  old flesh to get past before that cock hits bone!A big old granny  getting her cunt rodded,and sucking on a big cock:just what we like on  grannyfuck!
Jan and G part 1
Randy fucker G will knob absolutely anyone.Here he gets another big  old granny to open her legs for the G treatment.He really serves it up  to the old biddy as her floppy tits flap around as he knobs her old  grey cunt.
Christina x part 1
Fred and G do their usual messing around with a new business  venture while dirty old milf Christina X gets a good banging in their  studio bedroom.The old fuckers are the best,so who is next to fuck an  old lady on granny fuck?
Outakes Bonus 2
Lots of laughs from the latest film,as Fred and G balls up  almost everything once again.Dont watch if you dont want to see two  old gits making complete arseholes of themselves!
Tina x
Freddie gets to shag the arse off this hot mature lady.A real  MILF,and you can see how much she loves getting a big cock.Fred fucks  her in every position before spunking right across her face.
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